«… Our choice is to value Human Resources, knowing that Human Capital is the lever of development and the source of wealth. It is also the vehicle for transformation and management of other resources and their integration into the development process… »

His Majesty the King Mohammed VIThe Throne Address, July 30, 2000

« Human resources development lies at the heart of economic, social and environmental development, and health and education are at the core of human resources development »

ONUResolution of December 20 , 2017 - 72/235

« Local Governments shall be provided with the required Human, Financial and Technological Resources to effectively and efficiently discharge their responsabilities ».

Resource Mobilization & UtilizationArticle 16 – Efficiency

Priority 3: «Development of the Human Capital, Buidling Capacities and Intellectual Exchange».

UCLG AFRICAGovernance Program for Africa